Endorsed by Homer Simpson...

Patrick & Linda Lou Allour have owned and personally operated the Donut shop in Dacono since October 2002. This Shop was built in 1984 and has always been a Daylight Donut Shop. Linda Lou is a native of Colorado; born in Boulder and raised in Longmont; a Skyline High School Alumni. Patrick is a transplant from Michigan. He came to Colorado when he was 18 years and loved it! They LOVE being part of community events and enjoy serving and getting to know their customers, and providing a delicious product!

… the villagers of Dacono  were very hungry with no delicious treats to dine on after their savory morsels. Mayor Snodgrass knew this would never do because famished villagers sow the seeds of political unrest, and Dacono didn’t have time for such nonsense.


Fortunately, Snodgrass knew exactly where to turn: the occasionally persnickety baker Linda Lou and Patrick too. Fabled for their alchemic knowledge and quick wit, the two knew exactly how to avert a civil crisis caused by a conspicuous lack of carbs. Donuts. Made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love, you’ll find a way to keep the peace in your village with our sweet treats, too.

Daylight Donuts of Dacono | 821 Carbondale Dr., Dacono, CO 80514, USA | +1.303.833.2009 

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